Even after you put out a campfire, there may be little wisps of smoke in the air above it. ‘Ash Beck, a thin wisp of a person, pushed through the crowd and ran to where Ian lay.’ ‘The wisp of a girl would pass the final set of tests.’ ‘Grace was crouched in front of a small wisp of a girl.’ ‘She's just a young wisp of a girl, and very sensitive to boot: Scold her in the slightest, and she dissolves into hysterics.’ What does whisp mean? Wisp ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Wisp का हिंदी में मतलब ). Kannada Meaning of 'by the by' ... will-o-the-wisp ಕೈಗೆ ಸಿಗದ ವ್ಯಕ್ತಿ the blue 1. A wisp is a thin bit or thread of something. : 3. a…. will-o-the-wisp ಕೈಗೆ ಸಿಗದ ವ್ಯಕ್ತಿ will grouse ವಿಲೋ ಕೋಳಿ will-power 1. Tags: Kannada Meaning of will, will Kannada Meaning, English to Kannada Dictionary, will Kannada Meaning, will English Meaning Information and translations of will o the wisp in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Definition of whisp in the Definitions.net dictionary. wisp definition: 1. a small, thin line of cloud/smoke/steam: 2. a thin, delicate piece of hair, grass, etc. Definition of WISP in the Definitions.net dictionary. ತಿಕ್ಕಲ 2. Learn more. example: "lord of the rings" will match names from the novel 'The Lord of the Rings' this field understands simple boolean logic Meaning of WISP. ವಿಲಕ್ಷಣ 3. Information and translations of whisp in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … What does WISP mean? Wisp definition is - a small handful (as of hay or straw). ಆಕಾಶ 2. Meaning of whisp. English to Kannada Dictionary - Meaning of Startled in Kannada is : ಬೆಚ್ಚಿಬಿದ್ದ what is meaning of Startled in Kannada language Wisp meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Wisp in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Wisp in Hindi? ಅಪರೂಪವಾಗಿ jack-in-the green ಹಸುರಾಳು off-the-wall 1. Information and translations of WISP in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … ಸಂಕಲ್ಪ ಶಕ್ತಿ 2. ಸಾಗರ 3. How to use wisp in a sentence. Definition of will o the wisp in the Definitions.net dictionary. What does will o the wisp mean? Meaning of will o the wisp. the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes.