Calculate recoil from muzzle velocity and bullet, powder and rifle weight. Cartridge (Weight of Bullet @ Muzzle Velocity) Rifle Weight. Reactions: Aussie_Hunter. Some rifles may way more, some may weight less - but we are comparing apples and apples here instead of a lightweight carbine against a 12# dangerous game rifle… Mag. See how the 6.5 CM compares to the Classic 308 Win in the 6.5 creedmoor vs 308 ballistics chart! on the ocean or in the bush. Whether you are at the range or out in the field, these recoil pads from Pachmayr are a must for your firearm. Find cheap, bulk rifle ammo - 22 long rifle, winchester, 6.5 creedmoor, and more. This item is incredibly nice product. //--> Recoil is a given. To help guide you, we've prepared a chart that will show approximately how much recoil energy you can expect from a particular velocity and bullet weight. TinyPrice Recoil Pad - Slip On Recoil … The data in the last column was included at the urging of one of our geniuses here. /* 300x250, created 6/14/10 */ We would recommend this store for you personally. If you install a good muzzle … Felt recoil will vary from shooter to shooter and rifle to rifle, but free recoil … Ultra Mag. Recoil of the 350 Legend will be almost exactly the same as 243. ... 5 Great Scout Rifles. Explanation of terms. Between 200 and 300 is moderately heavy . The 6.5 Creedmoor Lover’s (and Hater’s) Gift Guide. google_ad_client = "pub-8715503169513452"; The cost comes in a very slight increase in recoil, much more expensive ammunition (double the cost, usually), and a reduction in magazine capacity in most rifles. twenty or thirty quick shots later. Post Cancel. The graphic shows recoil signatures for the rifles with a bare muzzle (i.e. Any rifle that has a Recoil Factor of less than 100 can be shot by anyone that can handle a rifle. 12 Deer Cartridges for the Recoil Sensitive. Title: RIFLE RECOIL TABLE Author: Greg Bennett Last modified by: Greg Bennett Created Date: 6/26/2002 3:21:54 AM Company: RDC Other titles: Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3