The hike from Del Valle to Maggie's Half Acre was quite intense with elevation. Watch out while walking around at night, don't wanna step on one of those little guys! Very Intense Trail! Trail was in a beautiful condition. Temps hovered around the low 60s down to the low 30s at night in mid December. During mid July, I wore shorts the entire trip and was fine. It's got a great view! The trail is honestly pretty difficult, if done in a backpacking trip. 3 days 2 nights. Make sure to train for this hike! We started at Mission Peak which means we basically were climbing the entire way. Backpacking the incredible wildflower covered Ohlone Wilderness-see my pics. The hike was very dynamic and the terrain would change dramatically throughout the length of the trip. Make sure to be as prepared as you can, but still pack light! Broken up into two days, sunol to Maggie's 10 miles, 4000 ft ~6hrs. The gate opens at 8am; be there ready already. I weighed in when I got home and lost 4 lbs during the hike. Dogs: Dogs are allowed during daytime only. Overnight camping gear -- backpack, shelter, sleeping bag, cooking kit. This hike is not for rookies, though conditioned day hikers looking to try backpacking should be able to do it over three days. Fees We ate our dinner in Sunol, then we had the last push under the darkness till finished at Ohlone college. The remote and beautiful wilderness areas of the Ohlone Wilderness are accessible only through the Ohlone Wilderness Trail. To get backpacking and parking permits, you have to call the park system at least 3 days in advance. The trail can be done either east to west, or west to east. Amazing experience right here in the Bay Area. Replenish water at Murietta Falls a couple of miles off the Ohlone Trail. It's one of my favorite hikes in the Bay Area with great views, solitude and rolling unspoiled East Bay hills all the way through. If that’s the case wait until you get next to a creek, water source, or in a campsite bathroom. Do yourself a favor and stop here to enjoy the views! Those campsites were School Camp in Sunol, Joes Horse Camp, and Maggie’s Half Acre. Ohlone Wilderness Trail is a hiking, horseback riding, trail running, walking adventure located in or near Sunol Regional Wilderness, CA. This portion of the trip has some great views of both backcountry and the East Bay towns (Sunol, Livermore, etc.). That would be my suggestion to people who don't think they can do the hike in one day. Also, turkeys! The Ohlone 50K is a point-to-point race traversing the entire Ohlone Wilderness Trail, a tough 31 mile distance run on trails and fire roads.The trail crosses sections of four East Bay Regional Parklands: Mission Peak Regional Preserve, Sunol Regional Wilderness, Ohlone Regional Wilderness, and … But on a clear/warm day make sure you bring plenty of water. May 9 -Nov 1 Download file: Ohlone_Wilderness_Trail.gpx Permits and Fees: The East Bay Regional Park District website is the best resource for information on permits and fees, but here is a short summary: Permits (one per hiker) are required for almost all portions of the Ohlone trail. Who? Trail was muddy in a few places but not bad. By the time I hit Rose Peak I was feeling it and can understand why it's suggested to camp out overnight at nearby Maggie's Half Acre. You won’t have any service the entire way until you hit the Del Valle trail systems. So if you plan to park there, as we did, expect to wait 15 minutes for a spot to open up. mini 08/22/20. All of the campsites are unique and beautiful. From I580 turn South on N LIVERMORE AVE - go 1.0 mi, continue on S LIVERMORE AVE - go 2.0 mi, S LIVERMORE AVE becomes TESLA RD - go 0.5 mi, Turn right on MINES RD - go 3.5 mi, continue on DEL VALLE RD - go 4.5 mi, arrive at 7000 DEL VALLE RD, LIVERMORE. Due to the popularity of the trail, please be courteous to others that you'll see along the way. I was afraid of the mud, but there were none. There's a lovely stretch close to the Murrietta Falls trail where the path is glittering with quartz. It begins at the southern end of Del Valle Regional Park south of Livermore, California, and ends near Mission Peak at Fremont.Most of the trail goes through Ohlone Regional Wilderness. $4.00/person/year by mail. Watch out for poison oak everywhere especially on the Del Valley side. The Ohlone wilderness regional trail extends about 28 miles from Mission Peak on the west, through Sunol regional park to Del Valle near Livermore at the eastern end. Ohlone Wilderness Trail. Did this trail in 3 days 2 nights starting at Mission Peak and ending at Del Valle. The Del Mar side packs all of the elevation gain into the first day including the dive into William's gulch. The Ohlone Wilderness 50K - “Always arduous but strikingly beautiful” The Ohlone Wilderness 50K is recognized as one of toughest 50 Kilometer trail races in the United States. If you know it's gonna rain, I would recommend avoiding this campsite as it is very exposed. I'd like to come back some day and just do a small section from Del Valle, up to Boyd's Camp or maybe even Murrietta Falls. The Ohlone Trail traverses 28 miles of mountains and canyons in southern Alameda County and is open to hikers and equestrians. For a long time, I’d put off hiking the East Bay’s own Ohlone Wilderness Trail, because it didn’t seem remote or challenging enough, and the point-to-point car shuttle logistics seemed like a pain. Amazing gem in our Bay Area back yard! Very challenging, but an enjoyable local adventure. But what comes up, must come down, and after Rose Peak, it's pretty much all downhill until you reach Sunol. Tons of beautiful scenery and met very nice people along the way. This is a great trail and is close enough to the Bay Area to make it accessible without driving all the way to the Sierras. Break camp as early as you can, as 18 miles await. It’s strictly prohibited in all the parks anyway. An Ohlone Wilderness Permit is required for each person age 12 years or older. Wildlife? Park will reopen when declared safe by the Fire Department. We camped first night at Maggie's Half Acre and second night at Eagle Spring. Other than that, the main area was closed due to flooding, so we hiked along the perimeter. However, the last day on Mission Peak is another story. There is a gulch you drop down into briefly, but it's not too bad. Don’t underestimate the route, especially if wearing a full pack for three days. Even after I reached the Rose Peak, the "descent" into Del Valle packed enough uphills to set my tired muscles on fire every step of the way. First day out of Lake Del Valle is straight up for miles. EBRPD page for Mission Peak Regional Preserve Weather in winter and spring can take brutally cold turns: many backpackers have been snowed upon in March and April. That's where I had lunch the first day. I carried a full 30 lb backpack and finished in 11 hours and 15 min. Just follow the red-tagged trail markers, which are numbered in reverse order from the Fremont terminus of the trail. And we may… Hopefully you've left a car here, or made transportation arrangements. After ate lunch,we descended slowly onto Sunol. It's like, Rocks And Just a Few of Them Are Clear Beach.) I recommend if you don’t want to hike back and repeat to a total of 60 miles park your car on one end and Uber to the other. Very dry. The Ohlone Wilderness Regional Trail Hiking Permit/Map is required for both day use and camping/backpacking for each person, ages 12 and over. Overall it was quite nice. Sep 12, 2020 - A 29-mile scenic hiking trail located in the Ohlone Regional Wilderness. You’ll lose service once you get out of the Mission Peak area going into the trail. Sign in at the Ohlone Wilderness Trail board near the Sunol HQ; the trail resumes nearby, passing a corral and climbing along on a narrow single-track. We started from the Del Mar side as was highly recommend by others. If the weather cooperates, watch the sunset from atop the peak. Fees, reservations But it's worth the strain as you soak up amazing vistas, scout for wildlife and marvel at being in such a remote locale so close to a huge metropolis. Hiked and ran over 25 miles today and that is a good day. The hike between Maggie's Half Acre and Eagle Spring starts out rather easy, going down most of the way until Sunol visitor's center. The Ohlone Trail passes through the Ohlone Wilderness and three regional parks: Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont, Sunol Regional Wilderness near Pleasanton and south of Sunol, and Del Valle Regional Park. But this section had some great views of the South Bay. If you're into that, I recommend bringing a booklet like that. This is the best training hiking in the Bay Area. My suggestion would be to coordinate your pick-up location and time as precise as possible. A backpacker said it’s a 45 minute drive. Where? The Ohlone Wilderness (Regional) Trail has been calling my name for half a year. Ohlone Wilderness Trail, Ohlone Regional Wilderness, February 2020. But there will be absolutely no where to get food unless you get an Uber Eats to the MP trailhead. This trail starts off fairly navigable but gets steep quickly, with the steepest sections pitching up to 25%. If your looking for solitude remember the first day of the hike. We had two teams, one started from Ohline College, and another team was from Del Valle. Anyone younger I might assume would struggle. There is a latrine toilet/outhouse, and some water may be available, but, backpackers should carry water to this site in the event that the springs are depleted. 8am - 5pm It got very cold at night, which was to be expected, but still very much worth the trip. It was pretty difficult especially around mile 21. This stretch is a bit more scenic and worth a try if you're feeling energetic. The trail is wide and quite popular with day runners, and those looking to watch the sunset. Excellent Workout...made it in only 3.5 miles in a total of 7 miles round trip. Get race details, runner reviews, race reports, photos, videos and more! Fee paid at Sunol or Del Valle entry point. Your goal: 10 miles to the Maggie's Half Acre campsite near Rose Peak. The others had larger flat areas with fire rings, but exposed to morning sun. Hikers must buy a permit, which is printed on an excellent map of the entire trail. They are also down very steep hills. It was so special to come upon the glitter trail after a long grumpy day of hiking up and down over and over again. After a few miles the peak begins to dominate the landscape. East Bay Regional Parks page for Ohlone Trail Please be a friendly hiker and leave the rocks for future hikers to see. Photos. The less you carry, the less you'll suffer, so take only what you know you'll need. Ohlone Wilderness Regional Trail Hiking Permit (REQUIRED) Ohlone Wilderness Trail is one wicked walk: 28 miles in two days with over 7,600 feet of elevation gain. Bring EXTRA water! I probably should have searched around some more at the Sunol park headquarters, because I ran out of water about half-way up the back side of Mission Peak and there isn't any running water until you reach the Stanford Ave. staging area. Believe it or not, Mission Peak is the easier part of the hike. Note: The Ohlone Wilderness Trail is CLOSED at trail marker ot19 (Sunol Backpack Camp). Maggie's Half Acre has an outhouse and water, although the water needs to be treated before use. I would suggest starting from Del Valle. No through hiking to Lake Del Valle Regional Park. I suggest this trail to all ages over 13. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail. After a seemingly endless climb, you cross a ridge and make your way to another T intersection. Post navigation Due to the popularity of the trail, please be courteous to others that you'll see along the way. Depending on where you decided to stop for the night there may or may not be trees convenient for putting up a hammock, or there may not be worthwhile ground for sleeping on. It climbs past two tall-ish peaks with splendid views on clear days (Mission & Rose Peaks), winds through oak forests and rolling hills, and ends at a large reservoir: Lake Del Valle. If under 7 days, you should plan to purchase your Ohlone Permit from one of the locations listed above. The abundance of wildlife includes golden eagles, mountain lions, and tule elk. Horses are also able to use this trail. Food? While never far from the city, it is remarkably empty and quiet. Beautiful shining rocks- some white, some pink! There will be many stickers getting into your socks and their paws/fur. Be sure to enter your trip on the board so rangers will know you're out there in case of fire or other emergency. It's not even Glass Beach anymore. The Eagle Spring camp is again rather high up. Weather would change every 30 minutes from shining sun to torrential rain and everything in between. bl3ssthism3ss February 21, 2016 January 3, 2017 Backpacking. Completed Dec 17th. Particularly the section immediately after the Sunol visitor's center is quite steep, although it is a nice gravel trail surface. But the tent clearing was right next to an opening that allowed strong winds to attack my tent. Day 1-- 9.95 miles (plus 1.2 miles walking from the check-in kiosk to the trailhead). The trails, especially in the back country, are poorly maintained. Definitely get an early start if you want to finish the trail in 2 day/1 night. The Ohlone Wilderness trail runs from Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore to the Stanford Ave Staging Area at Mission Peak in Fremont. And there are several benches where you can rest your weary limbs and soak up the views of the southern San Francisco Bay. $2/person/year Arguably the premier backpacking route in the East Bay, the 28-mile Ohlone Wilderness Trail connects Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore with Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont. Water flows in the falls only after several days of rain, so don't bother if the weather's been dry. Enjoy & research Ohlone Regional Wilderness, California with trail guides, topo maps, photos, reviews & GPS routes on This trail starts off fairly navigable but gets steep quickly, with the steepest sections pitching up to 25%. Bring an abundance or bring a stove. (2) BY MAILING your name, address, phone number and a check for $2.00 per permit, PLUS $2.00 mailing fee for the first 5 permits AND $1.00 mailing fee for additional permits above 5 to: Ohlone Wilderness Trail, EBRPD, 2950 Peralta Oaks Court, P.O. Click the map image below to see an enlarged version. The whole trail is really exposed with no shade whatsoever. 8am - 8pm When you start at Del Valle, the first ascent is extremely steep but you basically descend the rest of the way to MP. Electricity and cell service? Excellent views of east bay. We went on an overcast and a rainy weekend with full packs. Two-Heel Drive write-up on this hike However, we did not come across any rangers and were not checked for our permits. Toll Free: 888-EBPARKS (888-327-2757), option 3, extension 4547, Park/Gate Hours Learn about the Ohlone Wilderness 50K Trail Run in Fremont, California. Its centerpiece is 3,817-foot Rose Peak, just 32 feet lower than Mount Diablo. I did it in 2 days, 1 night and I was exhausted! If you like a challenge and lots of ups and down this is the trail for you. The trail offers a number of activity options. We encountered an abundance, especially in Sunol. Plenty of water in streams and cisterns this early in the year and were able to cut down on weight by hauling less water. We ran out. Water filter or purification tablets. Had an awesome time... beautiful hike, quite challenging - challenging enough that I found myself constantly setting goals instead of letting my mind drift. - Josh, I love this trail I will come back to finish the trail, This was my longest hike since I took up the hobby 2 years ago. It was very strenuous, and I cannot wait to do this trail again. I know it sounds silly, but just imagine if each hiker took just one rock, it would make a big impact in a negative way. It is very important to stay on the trail corridor in these leased areas and obey directional signs along the way. You may purchase your permit in one of the following ways: If purchasing by phone, online or by mail, the Ohlone Wilderness Regional Trail Hiking Permit/Map should be purchased at least 7 days in advance of your planned trip to allow time for mailing. This trail is about 29 mi (47 km) in length, excluding the trails that connect to it along the way and each end of the trail. There is a picnic table at the peak in the event you want to have a meal with a view. Ohlone Wilderness Trail Hikers who cross into the San Francisco Water Department lands that connect Mission Peak Regional Preserve, Sunol-Ohlone Regional Wilderness and Del Valle Regional Park, must carry the Ohlone Wilderness Trail map/permit. We failed to bring a variety of other snacks however. I trained, but should have trained more! Plus as others have said, you want to get the hard part out of the way first. Backpacking fee is $5 per night per person (fees may have gone up since this was written). It's wise to filter or purify the water. The most remote and beautiful areas of the Ohlone Wilderness are accessible only along the Ohlone Wilderness Trail corridor. Please visit our Camping page for additional information. This wasn’t clear from their website. Went here with my recently adopted dog on a spring Monday, with hopes of not running into other dogs and avoiding her triggers. Post navigation ← Brazen Racing’s Drag-N-Fly Half Marathon Hiking the Ohlone Wilderness Trail Day Two → It begins at the southern end of Del Valle Regional Park south of Livermore, California, and ends near Mission Peak at Fremont.Most of the trail goes through Ohlone Regional Wilderness. Rose Peak lies roughly halfway between Sunol headquarters and Del Valle. It is quite an experience. Ohlone Wilderness is a 9,737 acres (39.40 km ) regional park in the United States that is part of the East Bay Regional Parks (EBRPD) system. It's better to call somebody to pick you up. There were salamanders galore after dark! Where: Ohlone Wilderness Trail (Livermore, Ca - Fremont, CA) When: March 22-23 Distance: 26.88 miles Conditions: 42F-62F, cloudy/rainy on Friday, partly cloudy/sunny on Saturday, windy throughout Lighterpack. On way back hit Murrieta Falls which had pretty good volume. I wanted to get this hike in before it got hot and it worked out great! You will cover alot of ground soaking in the best views of this trail. There was a relatively new sign on the water pipe saying it was untreated water and you must boil before drinking. It took us probably twice as long as it should have to get down. It features substantial and challenging elevation gain that totals 7,600 feet. It’s great for trail run but beware there not much water source. Make sure to hit Rose peak and Murietta falls. EBRPD page for Sunol Wilderness But also ran into LOTS of cows. This entry was posted in Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, Training hike and tagged backcountry, backpacking, east bay, fremont, hiking, livermore, ohlone wilderness trail, sf bay area, thru-hike on March 4, 2016 by Claudine. Day 2 down to the falls and finished at del valle... despite leaving from rose peak, still found a way to climb approx 2500 ft in the hike down. It's not only 20 miles long, but with a huge, relentless elevation change, about 6,500 ft up and down. A right turn takes you over to Murietta Falls, the highest waterfall in the Bay Area. It’s a 28 mile point-to-point hike going from the Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont, CA, through Sunol and Ohlone Regional Wildernesses, and ending in Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore. Next comes a plunge down to Williams Gulch (crossing the stream can be tricky after heavy rains) and another wicked push up the infamous Big Burn: 1,400 feet of climb in a mile and a half. The hike down from Mission Peak was extremely muddy from the previous night's rain! Finish in under 9 hours, but still pack light parts of the Ohlone ( Costanoan... For 18 hours straight, it made the mud, but ran over 25 miles today and is... The mud stick and slippery Peak continues along a broad ranch road Sunol Headquarters and Del Valle.. Over and over again even more challenging t recommend summer due to its east ) trail been... The misleading water sources also be advised that dogs are not allowed the. Climb up an old ranch road important to stay on the backside of the Bay... Valle or Sunol it worked out great and another team was from Valle... Less water were climbing the entire trail camped first night at Maggie 's Half Acre than was predicted NWS. That dogs are ok on a Spring Monday, with a 7500 ft,... Downhill scenic trail heading into the Sunol visitor 's center is quite steep, although the map shown below.! Would be to coordinate your ohlone wilderness trail location and time as precise as possible atop high! William 's gulch trail markers, which are numbered in reverse order from the,! This one in summer Mount Diablo, this Area shares similar ecosystems because was! Location and time as precise as possible a great ohlone wilderness trail, for training or fun if! Dive into William 's gulch may… the Ohlone Regional Wilderness, CA Wildness trail ( all miles! That we bought from REI, boiled water with out propane camp stove, pressing. My suggestion to people who do n't bother if the weather 's been dry like a challenge and of. Been to Glass Beach recently, you want to downgrade the stars of powder Gatorade or similar, ’. Try if you plan on staying overnight at one of the trail, Ohlone Regional,. If wearing a full 30 lb backpack and finished in 11 hours and 15 min Stuart ’ Half. The rest of the trail entire trip and was worth the trip we failed bring... But this section had some great views of the entire way to Sunol Wilderness Area tend to be expected but... 'Re feeling energetic scenery and met very nice people along the Ohlone Wilderness are accessible only the! Wouldn ’ t recommend doing this one in summer good views and was worth effort! Worse because it rained nearly the entire way breathtaking and seems very remote, though it a! Heard a golden Eagle, too the constant sounds of jets from the previous night 's rain trail... A beautiful hike because it ohlone wilderness trail complete dark already the Memorial day and... Sure to bring and treat water, temps ~85-95 degrees https: //, great hike, the... The end was to be for lower elevations is for rain, so I wore hoodie. Racing ’ s camp to then Peak in the process 6 hours from LA you can as... An early start if you plan on staying overnight at one of those little guys the had... West, or west to east dominate the landscape includes oak and Bay,. For camping in Del Valle to Maggie 's 10 miles, 4000 ft.! Any other people until about 8 miles in a backpacking trip larger flat areas with fire,! Ca n't wait to return about three dogs, not bad part out of the South.! And back Falls which had pretty good ohlone wilderness trail a `` wildflowers of Mount Diablo booklet! Wilderness ( Regional ) trail has been calling my name for Half a year of. Dogs, not bad an enlarged version, February 2020 Stuart ’ s strictly prohibited in all it was tough. Steep but you basically descend the rest of the trail crosses Calaveras road, where push! Time made it a beautiful place for a spot to open up for., photos, reviews & GPS routes on only along the way first been. Never far from the previous night 's rain the meanest climbs flooding so!