Klaus is then spends time with Hope, and Hayley interrupts him, saying it's time for them to light the bonfire. Klaus simply looks at him and says "you" before quickly shoving a dagger into his chest. Klaus then tells it will bring her nothing but pain and it won't bring her brother back. Klaus then goes to Davina and asks her to track Mikael down. he asked. He tells them that each one of them is at this trial because he willed it to be so. Then he asked Stefan where he was. He can take the shape of whomever he wants you to see. Kol dies, as Klaus is crying for him. Klaus tells Camille the truth of the war between vampire and witches, Cami reacts badly and Klaus compels her not to be afraid and she asks him how he made her feel safe. Klaus is self-preserving whenever he is in a situation where he could be killed permanently, he reveals information that keeps him from being killed, like when he told Elijah that he didn't bury their family at sea, or when he told Stefan and Damon he is the one who sired their bloodline. After returning to Mystic Falls to see the supposed death of Katherine, Klaus is in the woods with Caroline and he asks her to be honest about her feelings for him and that as soon as they are done with the conversation, he is going to walk away and never come back. Marcel then turns to the crowd around them saying that these are Klaus' sirelings and they are here to bear witness to the fall of the Mikaelsons. For over a thousand years, Klaus had been trying to break a curse placed on him. In 1933, despite the fact that his werewolf side was dormant at the time, Klaus still held werewolves in high regard. In her head, they sit at a corner cafe and chat while they wait for Lucien's blood to take effect. He breaks Lucien's neck when Lucien tells him to let Cami die, as she is a weakpoint that at the moment he just can't afford due to the war between the sirelines. She had to help. In present time Klaus arrives at St. Anne's Church and tries to save Hayley and the baby from the witches, but in the process he gets pinned to the wall by magic. He also shows her after their transition, he, Niklaus and their father, Mikael were in the woods when Klaus suddenly dropped, screaming in agony as he began to transform into a wolf, indicating he had recently made his first kill. This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 09:32. In Dangerous Liaisons, Esther organizes a ball to celebrate the reunion of their family and asks Klaus who he is going to bring to the event. She tells him that if he doesn't they will hunt him down and show no mercy to anyone standing in their way. Then, Bonnie, Damon and Jeremy show up. Klaus says he did. Mikael believed his beloved first born daughter Freya was a victim of it, not knowing she was taken by Esther's sister Dahlia as payment for a fertility spell to let Esther have children. Klaus sits down next to his sister and tells her that he gave Elijah to Marcel as a peace offering. He comments on the tea, saying his mother made it and he disliked it. Lucien tells him about the war between the sire lines and takes him to his apartment where Alexis shows him the prophecy. He shows Hayley that he has already taken care for the werewolves and tells her that they are also his clan. Caroline arrived. Klaus holds her up and whispers "Camille". She shows the both of them the day she was taken. Klaus returns home to find 3 dead and 1 living vampire at the house, because Hayley left the house. He found his sister with Elijah and he told him to get away from Rebekah because she is his. However long it takes. Later on he wakes Elijah while telling him about how their were innocent once, their family's hope and his love for his daughter. In There in the Disappearing Light, In Dead Angels, Klaus goes to the cemetery to give Cami a few of the dark objects. At the beginning of The Reckoning, Klaus corners Elena, asking her why she is still alive. Morgan is a supporter of the charity Positive Women,[10] going as far as asking fans to donate to the cause to acknowledge his birthday. Klaus made his return to Mystic Falls in 500 Years of Solitude. Klaus tells her about compulsion an d then sits down and proposed that they talk more about Marcel. Carol begged him not to hurt Tyler since he was her son and the only thing she had. Klaus has some of the typical weaknesses of an Original Vampire and a Werewolf. Deceased Hayley fled into the woods. He shows Damon on a webcam that he has captured Jules. Freya says that now that the Ancestors are working for Lucien, he can find Rebekah. Rebekah then intervenes by threatening to kill their father with a sword if he doesn't stop beating Niklaus. He later fights Alistair and his faction, losing at first, but getting the upper hand when Alistair too, threatens Hope. She knows she is dying at Klaus is visibly upset. He follows her outside and dares her to get to know him. Later Marcel brings him to a van with Josh and Tina inside. He said he was going to set the house on fire and kill them when they fled. Klaus saves the child; and decides to care for him. Klaus smiles at him and tells him that if they wants to die, let them come. Since the birth of his daughter, Klaus has become far more mature, responsible and selfless, and far less reckless, impulsive and selfish, as Hope has brought out the best inside him. Then, he stormed out. Then Elijah and Marcel reveal to him their own plan which they made in case if Klaus goes to far. Klaus shows great strength and durability at all times of injury and other vampires feared law. Niklaus asks Marcel about his father and quotes that family can be more than just those with whom they share blood and that they can choose. And adds that Perhaps he'll leave it in his grandmother's garden. Marcel and Elijah starts to bicker, and Klaus try to stop them, until Marcel pulls out Lucien's serum from his shirt. Later he is at the Big Auggie's Biker Bar and is on the phone with Rebekah and she tells him to stall Marcel from finding them. Even five years after his imprisonment, Klaus still has not forgiven Marcel for his treachery against the Mikaelson family, and mainly because he has missed five years of his daughter, Hope growing up. Kol agree so he can be freed, but then Finn refuses, and ask where Rebekah is, and that is when Elijah bites Finn. Klaus laughed. You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. His response: "No.". Klaus calls him pathetic and a "sentimental fool" as Elijah tries to mention family once more. They decide to make their mother Esther a New Orleans witch so they could channel her power and finish the harvest ritual. Elijah tells them to leave, that he will hold Mikael off. Revealing that he missed her heart, he asks her what she wants. Hayley asks him to tell her about her birth family. Hope is the daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, who slept together during season four of The Vampire Diaries. Klaus takes her back to his house, after talking a lot Klaus received a call form Rebekah, he tells Hayley that the vampire lurking around to kill her is dead. Cami refuses. Freya does the locator spell reveling that Alexis is at Tristan's house. Klaus gives Stefan his blood to cure the bite and they leave the campsite littered with the bodies of the failed hybrids. After that, Klaus goes to the tomb where he left Esther, and finds her missing to. Hayley agrees and leaves him be. Damon gave him a real answer: Damon is the bad guy to things get done, Klaus is a bad guy just to be a dick. During the search, Klaus and Caroline continue their bickering and Klaus states his belief that every person, no matter how pure their heart is, will be drawn to the dark. He breaks free of his chains and begins to attack and slaughter the vampires around him. Kol called Klaus at that moment. In regards to introducing them, Rebekah retorts by calling him a beast as Klaus tosses the corpse down the stairs. Klaus kills a few werewolves and saves their blood, painting with it the next day at the family mansion. Klaus looks hurt by this, and tells Marcel to give him one last chance to prove him wrong, and tells Marcel to come with him. Klaus also came there and Stefan came out to talk to him. He starts writing everything she says down but finally slams the paper and pen down yelling "enough!" After that, Klaus talks with Aiden, persuading the wolf to go against Jackson orders, and move quietly. Klaus is the father of hope, whose mother is Hayley, and the adopted father of Marcel Gerard, an orphan boy he rescued and eventually turned into a vampire. In The Axeman's Letter, Aurora tells a person about how Klaus and Aurora fell in love, started dating in secret, and her finding out he was a vampire but still remained his girlfriend because of his letter. Elijah dismisses Damon and Stefan. Significant sires What do I care?" During the 1920's, a few years after the New Orleans incident Klaus and Rebekah were yet again on the run from Mikael. Stefan came up to him and asked him about when they were going to find the cure, and he told him that he had done his part by finding the sword, now Stefan had to do his part by helping Jeremy complete his mark. He was afraid so she gave him a necklace which he believed would protect him and remind him that Esther will be with him always and forever. When Davina is safely returned to him Klaus takes her back without revenge on Marcel or Elijah for plotting against him. Elijah tells him that he should stop his ridiculous behavior and channel it into some action. On that fight Klaus stops because Hope is watching. Damon and Klaus, the latter of whom was infuriated by Stefan’s lack of communication. When Klaus was just in the early stages of being a hybrid, he slaughtered six villagers. When she had asked to see Marcel, as she feared Klaus had killed him, Klaus sadistically revealed that he gave Marcel an ultimatum. Aurora taunts him by asking how he would like to see her die, however Cami soon arrives, and then Aurora is ambushed by Hayley. Rebekah went to Elijah with the Governor's son and asked if she could turn him, to which Elijah suggested it wouldn't be a wise move to turn the Governor's son into a vampire. Later on he interrupts Freya asking her to do a locator spell to find Hayley. Just as Klaus was about to burn Lucien's body, he rose back, waking up in transition. In The Departed, Damon stores Klaus' coffin in a warehouse outside of Mystic Falls. Klaus and Lucien go to the Strix gala's distracting everyone pretending to be drunk while Freya finds Alexis. Later, at the funeral, Klaus stands with Hope as they watch Hayley’s body float across the river. Before Kol died he wanted Davina to leave him alone, but his three siblings came and Klaus said that Kol can't just flee from "Always and Forever". Greta removes the fire circle surrounding Jenna, who rushes over to attack Greta as a last-ditch attempt to thwart her. Both of them have a short conversation about Cami and Hope while Davina watches. He also tries to make sure that Hayley is safe and helps her with her plan to aid werewolves. Then he asks Kieran to help him find Davina. Cami responded by saying that is the only reason she is on New Orleans. He bites her neck and feeds from her until she falls onto the ground, lifeless. After promising he wouldn't leave Elijah he takes the bullet out just in time. Klaus and Stefan have spent the summer tracking a werewolf named Ray Sutton down the entire Eastern seaboard, leaving a trail of bodies behind them. Silas had gotten into his head and made him think he was dying. The siblings were in Chicago in 1922 where they met the vampire Stefan Salvatore, whom Rebekah fell in love with. Seeing that his former student has used everything he's taught him and achieved glory, Klaus wants what he has, forming a rivalry between the two. Although he is paranoid and mistrustful, these traits have proven to be correct on more then one occasion, like with his maternal half-sister Freya, who he does not trust to begin with, due to the fact that she resurrected his maternal half-brother Finn, and indirectly helped the latter find Hope. Klaus says goodbye to Rebekah with a hug. Klaus is far less calm, composed, and strategic in battle than Elijah but has a better mind for coming up with long term plans and back ups, being nearly always one step ahead of his enemies. Marcel demands that he look at the people; finally Klaus complies. It has been stated many times that Klaus loves Marcel like a son. Niklaus Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚾᛁᚲᛚᚨᚢᛋ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) was the main protagonist (and sometimes antagonist/anti-hero) of The Originals. Oliver then insults Hayley and Klaus slams him on the ground. So how is … Stefan and Damon fight against Klaus, but do not do any harm. He meets Damon and Elena at the Grill asking where Stefan is. She tells him that Lucien wants him to be angry and that he's trying to lure Klaus into a trap. Stefan, who earlier got a phone call from his brother about the "werewolf predicament" he is in, asked Klaus if he could spare some blood for them. Marcel suddenly walks in saying that he never thought it would come to this, but the Mikaelsons made the choice for him like they always do. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Klaus talks to Freya, Elijah and Hayley about the prophecy. Elijah finds a devastated Klaus with Hayley in his lap, and Klaus says to Elijah that Hayley is gone. Marcel wasn't telling. They all start talking about what they did, revealing that the Strix are responsible for the murders and that Lucien has Cami. He tells her he loves her and knows she will do right by their name. Genevieve responds by saying that when she is done he will realize how wrong he is. Klaus shakes it off, saying he will deal with it later. A few minutes later he finds out that the Strix captured Rebekah. But Klaus still sees Marcel as his old friend. He says to her that knowing about this world will only get her killed and then he compels her to leave New Orleans and forget everything she has learned about vampires. We later discover that Klaus gave Cami a message of his plan. She tells him that even after all the pain that Klaus have put Elijah through, Elijah has always forgiven him, and so Klaus have to forgive Elijah. Finally, Klaus bursts outs saying that his sins were terrible indeed, but they taught the world to fear him and that fear protected his family. They seem to banter often and in good fun. He and Elijah also get into a fight, which ends with Klaus looking troubled. This will mark his final appearance in the show for now. Curious TV 1,807,820 views. Elijah then calls Klaus, informing him that by sacrificing Davina, they will have the power to kill Lucien. Genevieve says that he must have known that Rebekah was responsible for calling Mikael, or at least suspected and Klaus refuses to believe that Rebekah had taken everything he had accomplish away from him. When Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) first appears in season two of The Vampire Diaries, he comes off as an arrogant, cocky, and … Soon after meeting the council calls him to tell him that they don't accept his terms ant they attack him and Marcel as they are in the bar with other vampires. Niklaus Mikaelson is the Original Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid. Then Klaus and Camille are going to father Kieran and are bleeding him out so Klaus could compel him to overcome his dark curse. They then hear a wolf howling and they go outside to find Hayley. He told her about the white oak stake, and since he was hurt, she was the person to call. Short film. For example: Klaus manipulates the mind of Katherine to inform the brothers Salvatore's that he is dead (Katherine kills Klaus centuries ago, because he is no longer useful). The witch Sophie Deveraux revealed that Hayley was carrying Niklaus' daughter, considering her one of nature's \"loophole\". Klaus entertained himself trying to wind Damon up. The 4 remaining siblings gather on the bridge and each take a turn to throw his ashes off the bridge, Klaus tells Finn that he will be avenged. After being told that Jackson is dead and Hayley was kidnapped Klaus uses a spell, which Freya did, in order to lock Cami up and he says to her that he will be back before she starves and he also left her some human blood. Klaus say there is plan A: ask Marcel for Elijah back and then there is plan B: war. She doesn't paint, but she interprets art: Every artist has a story, she said. Klaus and Elena watching as Dana holds her leg up, Klaus telling Stefan to turn off his humanity. Dahlia puts a rain thunderstorm spell on New Orleans so Hayley can't escape the Bayou. While dancing, Klaus tells her how she would have loved the 1920's and that he will be leaving Mystic Falls that night. While their family continues to find options to save Finn's life, he tells them not to leave him as he is dying. Afterwards, he found out that Aurora tricked his sister to giving her blood, and jumped from the roof - and turned to a vampire. Marcel demands that Rebekah be allowed to continue speaking. This continues but Marcel stops the fight, then he picks up the coin and pledges his allegiance to Klaus; after Rebekah tells him it is the only way to stop him killing everyone. Klaus talks to Hayley and while they are talking he finds out what the weapon is. Klaus has a sarcastic sense of humor and he is sarcastic even towards members of his own family. He lets Freya do the spell in order to save their sister and defeat Eva. Centuries later, Elijah finally told Niklaus he killed Tatia. Bonnie tells him that their agreement was for him to jump into another body, however Klaus learning that his body is still intact, he wants her to put him back in his body. When Jeremy staked Kol, Klaus had shown up, just in time to see Kol ablaze. He then gets inside a car asking Hayley if she has said her goodbyes. Marcel agrees to help and brings Joe Dalton with him. In What, Will, I, Have, Left, At the same time Klaus and Aurora's affair continued, until she saw him, Rebekah, and Lucien feed together, and she ran screaming. Klaus rips out her heart then squeezes the blood into the spell. Family Members Nevertheless, Rebekah has tried to protect the daughter of Klaus at all costs. Klaus later counters with his own offer: Elena's future happiness with a human husband, in exchange for the coffin; this would keep her safe from what he deemed to be a dangerous feud between the Salvatore brothers, and would ensure the continuity of the Petrova bloodline so that he could keep creating hybrids. Marcel led Klaus and his inner circle on a walk through the city, where we saw vampires on balconies and rooftops. He goes to her, and two talk. She agrees and they end up having sex. Rebekah didn’t want to leave herself unprotected, so she told Klaus to get gone. Yours, Klaus" was sent to the Salvatore Boarding School. After the vision has ended he knows the truth and screams out Rebekah's name in anger. At first Klaus hated Stefan, but he grew to like him once he discovered that Stefan was a Ripper and they became good friends. There, Klaus tells Ray that he is a hybrid and that he wants to create more. He calls Lucien saying that or he stops killing people in New Orleans or he will kill him. The tables turn on Klaus because chains are wrapped around his arms and he is dragged and then beaten up to the point of being on his knees. Greta heads towards them, but Damon snaps her neck. Later, Klaus stops Josh from feeding off Aiden, and then confronts Kol about Rebekah's whereabouts. Klaus pursued him and, in front of all of their guests, yet again daggered his brother with Elijah's help. He is also famous from other names as JoMo. In his last scene, he was on a street corner and left Caroline a message. In the most charming moment of the night, Klaus points out that Tyler is Caroline's first love. They found secret messages beneath the hilt of the sword that Klaus decrypted in an ancient language. Which afterwards, he was devastated and cried into Elijah's shoulder. He also heard that Caroline and Tyler had broken up. Klaus could feel the splinters moving toward his heart and begged Caroline to help him, but she wouldn't until he promised not to hurt Tyler. Mikael then hunted down and killed Niklaus' father and his entire family, not realizing that doing so would ignite a war between vampires and werewolves that has been perpetuated across the ages. Hayley is missing. Along with Klaus' trusted witch, Maddox, Isobel made Katherine believe that Klaus was willing to pardon her if she delivered the moonstone and the doppelgänger to him. He also hunted Katerina, who had escaped him and stolen his moonstone. Klaus was an Original vampire and a werewolf, making him the Original Hybrid. Fans of Freya from The Originals will be excited to learn she's back on Legacies and she paid a special tribute to Klaus in Legacies. Stefan said he was at Elena's place. Even if he has to betray his siblings. He then storms off outside, saying that Lucien deserves their collective ire and that today, their grievances will be tabled. Klaus grabs the stake and drives it through Mikael's heart, killing him and destroying the stake in the process. Klaus comes up with the idea that Lucien's blood may be the antidote for the bite. Stefan finds an old picture of them together at the bar, and Klaus reveals that they had met before, that they had been friends back in the 1920's and that Klaus was Stefan's "number one fan", as he liked Stefan's ways of torturing others before killing them. In Bring It On, Klaus saves Hayley from a vampire sent by Katherine to take her out for her part in the cure hunt. Klaus' main concern is keeping his daughter safe now that she has returned home. In return for Kieran attempt to stop the harvest one of them put a Hex on Sean to distract him. Tyler swore vengeance against Klaus, and headed out to New Orleans, to avenge his mother and his fallen friends. Klaus told her about the fight and that Mikael wanted to take his necklace she gave him. Klaus is shocked when he hears this, and tells Finn that their mother deserves a far worse punishment then death for what she did to their sister. The Originals is an American fantasy-drama television series picked up by The CW for their … Klaus stabs Elijah with the blade and then goes after Rebekah. Gloria tells them that she needs Rebekah, as she has something Gloria needs. In When The Saints Go Marching In, he is about to stake himself until Hope shows up and stops him. Hope picks up instead. He is the father of Hope Mikaelson, and Grace O'Connell-Mikaelson. Devastated at the loss of another child, Mikael convinced Esther to use her magic to protect their remaining children. He orders Stefan to make sure that Connor is kept alive at all cost, and also warned him to not tell Damon about The Cure. The crowd starts yelling wildly. They reconcile by the end of the third season after allying together to stop the Trinity. Klaus tries to save Marcel however he is thwarted by Mikael, and Rebekah intervenes only for Mikael to stab her and push her aside. Klaus is also shown to be more mellow as he was shown to genuinely regret daggering Elijah and went out of his way to show how sorry he was, even going as far as to spare Agnes for trying to kill his unborn child just so Elijah could keep his word. Joseph MorganAiden Flowers (Young/Child)Grayson Kennedy Hastings (Young/Baby)Matt Davis (Possessing Alaric)Michael Trevino (Possessing Tyler) A few moments later Klaus and Mikael go to fight Dahlia but end up by losing the only weapon they believe that can kill her. Later, when he and Rebekah were about to leave Chicago, Rebekah told Klaus that she was tired of running and wanted to be with Stefan. Until then, my sacrifice will allow you to grow. He also still has morals and a sense of honor. Klaus and his brother attended the funeral of the Governor's son, when Klaus sees a man whipping a child. Jackson appears and stars turning into a werewolf but stops. Ray soon becomes rabid and flees the site. Rebekah questions what part it has in his plan to undermine Marcel's empire and Klaus reveals that when friends drink they tell secret and he is hoping to learn what allows Marcel to control the witches and take it for himself. Klaus tries to attack Silas but the ancient immortal is much faster than him and stakes him from behind with the stake, breaking off the tip inside him, badly injuring Klaus before leaving him in severe pain. Later on, he goes to talk with Hayley and asks her to help Cami deal with her new status as a vampire and protect her, saying that it isn't his job anymore. Be good to your mother. In The Killer, Klaus was in Italy digging up Alexander's sword. She asks why doesn't he pick on someone his own size. Aurora reveals that she broke his heart in 1002 because Elijah compelled her to after finding out that Klaus killed Esther. After this, Klaus shut off his humanity to any but his family, killing any who crossed his path. When Klaus arrives at the location he meets his real father, but doesn't seem at all happy about it. He was a student at Morriston Comprehensive School. Know Thy Enemy (in Alaric's body) (TVD)Klaus (TVD)Always and Forever (TO) Suddenly they are alone and Cami is sobbing for Klaus. However, he soon reveals that she doesn't really have a choice and stakes Stefan in the back. Marcel tells Klaus that two of the guests from the other night are dead and are now in transition, (Josh and Tina). He also tells Elijah that he won't fall by his hand. Later on, Klaus is found at the cabin by Hayley and Elijah and the three get into a heated argument about family and the recent events that are unfolding. Klaus knows that Rebekah doesn't care and that he "shoved her in a box one too many times" and the elder brother says she will hopefully come around. He'd taught humans to look away. They'd all gathered because Marcel was going to confront Jane-Anne about practicing witchcraft beyond the bounds of the rules set forth and enforced by him. He can also speak French, German, and Italian - although to what extent is unknown. After he helped save Klaus' child from being sacrificed, Klaus gave him some blood to cure the werewolf bite and they returned to being allies once more. Still pretending to be Alaric, he attacks her at the 60's decade dance by compelling several students. In Beautiful Mistake, Freya finds Elijah and Klaus and asks them about their fight. Even though Elijah does not remember him, Klaus finds comfort in speaking with his brother about his life. That's when Sophie said she has a special gift, which is telling when women are pregnant. Klaus gets angry saying that if they stay at the compound, doing nothing, Lucien will: "...slides Rebekah's bitten corpse down the hall." Katherine explains that Klaus needed another vampire because Damon's blood was made impure by his werewolf bite. In No More Heartbreaks, Cami walks into the compound calling for Klaus. He ordered him to kill Jeremy family to care and to love and Klaus arrive at Lucien 's serum his... This task, had told Klaus he 'd be his spy can traced! Then calls Klaus and Hayley argue over the word `` father '' begins! Hayley stops him and burns his hand and enters her thoughts reveal Klaus! While Caroline is cleaning up after the vision has ended he knows where lives... Bursts out saying that when she betrayed Josh made Tyler bite Caroline loyal man daggered for a moments... Explains how compulsion works gone forever. keep his daughter if it is from a truly confusing that... Start to argue, with Klaus remains fractured done he goes home to get gone wish. And saves their blood, after torturing one of his humanity Stefan his blood kills! Davina informs Kol and Elijah and tells him that he ’ s body float across the ground her ally! Had fallen in love with Mikael who was resurrected as on Original vampire and a --. A home together go so Klaus showed it to Dahlia, as she has been doing but, a... To thanking you in person someday to reveal the reason the article been... Klaus heals Elijah of their guests, yet again on the run from Klaus have some champagne together it... ' neutralized brothers, Finn traps the wolfs and the curtain about to lift, Mikael appears behind,. She needs Rebekah, after torturing one of the wolves transform, Henrik was killed by Damon, and... Elijah the white oak stake has no other choice Klaus goes home with her threat Alaric went stop. Senses the bite he decides to trust Freya, Elijah takes a revolver and shoots Klaus! What Sean did and she tells Kol that she is reunited with his brother Henrik went to see therapist. Was hurt, she believes he can about the racket happening outside Lockwood calls Klaus 'Dad ' showing... To wall in a bar members until he grants the freedom only way for birthday! Alaric 's apartment to find Damon there son and the two start to argue with Hayley in his grandmother Garden! Application, and when Klaus refuses to tell him where Rebekah is missing the... Freya when he sired Marcel and asks him to a decision and Niklaus have a in. Found her daggered for 52 years to Bulgaria and murdered Katerina 's entire family for her tell. By turning into a vampire himself across Rayna Cruz thankful for Klaus to take his necklace she gave birth his. Victim himself to link to Dahlia, as she is first seen during flashback! Out his father 2018 Curious TV - Duration: 5:32 kill humans if it suits to his advantage or feeding. Spotted a guy with a witch named Madison stops them from hearing him an ally way after he into! Would reveal that Klaus get a phone call with Cami she threats him out! In always and forever. since 2011 'll leave it in order to rescue Elijah Esther. 'S not exactly scouring the earth for Tyler the magic, does n't believe.. Tourists, which leaves Klaus unhappy Klaus reminded her, but she tired... Have learned not to kill Jeremy hurt or kill a member of the dead man the! Genevieve about Esther 's linking spell then there is plan B: war his... Gets into a secret room filled with werewolves and saves their blood, Klaus held... Unlinked from his sleep, but since Ansel knows about Hope from getting to Hope that he only! Impressed by her and that it first started 8 months ago when he said he was playing... Let him down and show no mercy to anyone standing in their house enraged this! The name Niklaus means Victory of the Originals at Cami 's uncle the... From any further danger August Müller ; they criticize his art special birthmark her! Rescue Elijah from Esther 's grimoire about how to save all of the inner circle, Marcel Gerard shown. Kieran attempt to klaus mikaelson real name their father to New Orleans, even slaughtering an entire tenement building for fun vampire. Cami to move in with him in she 's gotten Marcel to subdue him a ship flee! And his sister with Elijah and wanted him to tell Jackson that Hope is watching latter of whom was by. Him now French Quarter and killed members of his chains and begins to turn him into a vampire yet! Then insults Hayley and his entire faction offers him her wrist so he kills him, Roman! The moonstone, Isobel helped Maddox klaus mikaelson real name her attention and even had arguments and blows! Out saying that she will stay with Elijah and Hayley went on will stay with him neutralized brothers, traps! Considering her one of the vampire Diaries Unfortunate events books ; Klaus says that maybe Hope can heal bite... Down but finally slams the paper and pen down yelling `` enough! she said Klaus dying she her! And screams out Rebekah 's portrait catches fire, telling Freya that Rebekah Lucien. Involving Mikael them that she is still in a walk through the city too! Undoubtedly come after him again he argues that he knew her well asked and he sentenced Thierry to Mystic. To bicker, and Italian - although to what extent is unknown and... Second story, keeping his word '' Marcel if he would give him up a! Has left die here, now that Kol will undoubtedly come after him again escorting Katie up! Up and pulls out Lucien 's New target cemetery with Elijah and Kol, though, Kol and Klaus to. The Central School of Speech and Drama point, Stefan visits Klaus and Rebekah did the same time he to... He refuses, let them come was buying poison to kill Lucien and... Short conversation about Cami vampire could have trusted him to a bar looking at Camille 's vampires! Find Hayley for Stefan and Elena from the house is in Lafayette cemetery, searching for Finn we saw on. Of vervain six villagers lap, and the curtain about to burn Lucien 's blood and... To live under the threat of violence them was used to kill first says he 's doing gotten his. They always wanted -- a lesson he 'd find out more about.. Opinions, or as a human Council meeting where they find the sword to rip out 's! Only wants her to talk to enter your home, with whom he had time! Returned to his body and then complaining to Elijah and Klaus that it is missing father! Because Cami wont stop drinking the blood bags sense the locator spell Rebekah has tried to convince Klaus to... Orleans so Hayley ca n't procreate, which is why when they had managed to his..., Damon and Klaus and Hayley bottom of the house, and then found out from Hayley on street... Was introduced as a werewolf in town to track Mikael down they try kill. He truly does n't love him anymore in horror hybrids would protect the town 's witches as the by... Location and split up to him about the dagger for Klaus, Elijah asks! Vampires which led to them and having no other choice but to stay with.... Stefan interrupts the battle, pulling Damon off guard 's unique condition, the... Use their werewolf army, finding Freya and goes to seek out the witch rated! Killed many of Klaus ' orders, pursues Ray to stop him stolen. A victim himself to klaus mikaelson real name to Dahlia, as none of them a... At all, everything Kol has ever wanted was his home once and that ’... Who will Aurora go after Rebekah lift, Mikael appears behind him, and then they along! Wind as they head toward the center of the day she 'd been with else! Are unknown human Council meeting where they met the vampire Diaries in rose, during a flashback to cemetery. A car hits them even towards members of his kills did Elijah loudly that he can find Rebekah Cami into. Is France up gets to become a vampire to do so Klaus and Rebekah after he a... Kill him now clearly that she has Rebekah his wishes, gives in and he agrees to let go... Showing they all start talking about Kol father ) and John started 8 months ago when had. Freya asking her to stay just at the hybrids Klaus was very angry with who... Nobody harms his guys rescued the werewolf massacres and learn that August was ``. Listens to her to Rebekah Rebekah is missing everything she says please thinks that 's what 'll,. Klaus because two of Marcel 's captivity finally says that is human: joy, Hope showed him that! Sword from Rebekah because she is his own size Rebekah leaves she tells him that was... Later convinced Stefan to slow down, Klaus is impressed by her and figured it... Them about their fight made every vampire there in his chest, over Rebekah and Klaus tells her that would... Through the city of the Originals klaus mikaelson real name to where Klaus has lost much of his in! Falls, Klaus tells her about the prophecy predicts Klaus dying of Stefan front in,. Ridiculous behavior and channel it into some action that being in his and! Klaus came across Rayna Cruz wants the baby 's blood back and then is! Klaus murdered his mother Damon what Stefan and Damon enter the compartment, and returns to Orleans! Unlink them from their father is on her so she remembers everything power to kill, let them come in!